October 28th, 2009

Tim Lincecum

Is a 49ers quarterback controversy the NFL equivalent of a pillow fight?

Anyone watching FlashForward? It's not bad so far. One thing that struck me while watching the show was that Joseph Fiennes really reminds me of Christopher Meloni, which is weird because he really doesn't look like him at all. But then somebody on a podcast said that he really reminded him of Christopher Meloni too!

Sporting News named Timmy NL pitcher of the year. :) He was picked by a panel of GMs and assistant GMs.

I thought he was even better this season than he was last year, even though his win total is lower. That's really the fault of the offense, though. :P He induced a lot more ground outs and fly balls, instead of getting all of his outs by strikeout (even though he got a lot of those too) which let him go much deeper into games. I think he only had one complete game last season and that one was kind of arduous. This year he had a few. He also stopped wilting as much in hot weather. :P

I can't really compare him to Carpenter or Wainwright because I haven't watched them pitch enough. It would be nice if he wins the Cy Young again, but I'm not going to be upset if he doesn't.

And and and... Alex Smith has been named starting QB for the next game. Collapse )

Ugh, I can't find the article again, but I read something that was pretty accurate about the Texans game. Alex was coming in down 21-0 and there wasn't any pressure on him. It's a good situation. The team that's up tends to relax a bit, and the team that's behind feels free to play loosely and try creative things. So the real question is how does he perform when he knows he's going in as the starter?

It's not that I dislike Shaun Hill. I just think he's a placeholder and I think the longer he's in there, the more of a waste of time it is when the real QB (whoever that may be) isn't playing. Alex has the potential to be something more than a placeholder, and that's why I support him on a football/practical level. On an emotional level, I just like the guy. :)
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