October 7th, 2009

Barry Zito

Labyrinthitis is not an allergy to labyrinths

So I woke up early yesterday feeling like Collapse )

In conclusion, having sex with Barry Zito makes me throw up.

In more cheerful news, it appears that the pairing that never was (except in some other world *coughs*) and had no basis in reality is... becoming? After like... 6 years.

I got so excited last night I almost gave myself another vertigo attack when Petr scored on the give-and-go with Marty and then fell down (Petr always ends up on his ass at least once per game) and then got up to leap on Marty! A leap on their first goal together! Usually it takes a few goals before Petr jumps on people!

From Havlat's Twitter:
Going to shut it down now....off to LA after practice. Me and Siki..like old times!

Also, he did this Twitter Q&A thing and answered like 7 questions out of 600+ people asked and this was one of them:
Who is more handsome? Me or Petr Sykora? Giving credit to Siki here. LOL

The Wild beat writer is starting to make them his OTP:
I'm sure Havlat would love to still be with Koivu, but I can guarantee he loves the fact he’s with Sykora. He even tweeted early this morning how it felt like old times. The two have played together in a number of international tournaments and definitely showed on that one give-and-go goal that they’ve got chemistry.
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