October 1st, 2009

Patrick Marleau

Why is everything on Thursday?

So tonight there's a ton of TV shows I'm interested in watching: Bones, Fringe, The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, FlashForward and The Mentalist. The Sharks season opener is tonight too. At least the Giants are playing a day game so there isn't a conflict with that as well.

WTF? I know that Thursday commercial slots are more valuable because it's the day before movies come out but did they really have to cram everything on one day? :P Move some stuff to Wednesday!

I don't think I could possibly be any less enthusiastic about the start of hockey season as I am right now. I mean, I hated Joe Thornton but I was aware on another level that it was a good trade. But this? I've been good at burying my head in the sand but when I saw the article headlines that the Sharks were going to name a new captain it all caught up to me and I started crying. It just hurts because Patty and Cheech are the two guys who most represent the Sharks to me.

I briefly thought about watching Bones and Fringe live instead of the Sharks game because I get them in HD if they're live, but decided against it because I'll have to sit through commercials. Am I going to feel this bad before every Sharks game this season?
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