September 30th, 2009


They're just setting me up for disappointment

LOL, Olesz the new Ocho Cinco.

Just watched last week's episode of Supernatural and I really liked it! Now that they're ripping off quality stuff like The Prophecy and comic books like Hellblazer and Preacher (and Castiel's trenchcoat brigade wardrobe is straight out of The Books of Magic) the show is so much better.

Unfortunately, the scene with Lucifer kind of showed that Jared can't act either. :( I don't know, maybe I just blocked that out cos' I loved Dean from Gilmore Girls but I was embarrassed for him. Maybe they should have asked Mark Pellegrino to make his acting worse so he wouldn't make Jared look so bad. :P

My only complaint about the episode would be the implausible behaviour of the hunters at the end. Threatening to kill an innocent girl because... your best friend just died? Really? Don't hunters die like ALL THE TIME?

But overall, really liking the direction the series took from season 4 onwards.

(... still concerned that the series finale will be one colossal kick in the crotch that launches me into space, though.)
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