September 27th, 2009

Giants starting pitchers

Just like that, only gayer

Got the latest Sporting News magazine yesterday and when I opened it, I went straight to this full page photo of Timmy and Matty smiling gaily together. Then I read the title of the article - a quote from one of them "I just LOVE watching him pitch" - and then I started choking and had to stop reading.

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The 49ers played a really good game today, I thought, especially given that they lost Gore on the first play. They definitely didn't embarrass themselves (which was all I was hoping for) and even would have won the game if not for Favre's TD pass with 2 seconds left. I'm so so proud of Vernon Davis (he's a Terp, flanneryflyer!) finally emerging as a reliable target for receptions. This is definitely a game to feel good about. :)

Alex and Tessa went to a B&B on Thursday and Friday night so I ended up babysitting overnight. :) They were concerned that she might be terror baby and cry a bunch and not go to sleep, but she slept through the night on Thursday. She woke up at 4:30 AM on Friday night but after I found her pacifier and gave it back to her she just went straight back to sleep. Other than that, we just had fun playing and hanging out and she was a very good baby.

Then last night after dinner she gave me a "nose squish" which is basically pressing her nose lightly against yours as a display of affection. She hasn't done that with anyone else but her parents. *sniffle*
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