September 19th, 2009


It happened and the universe didn't implode!

Without a doubt, the best, most exciting thing that's happened for me this season is this:
Wild signs Sykora
The quickest “tryout” in NHL history came to an end this morning when the Wild signed winger Petr Sykora to a one-year contract for $1.6 million.

“I’m shocked,” Sykora said sarcastically. “I guess my practice yesterday made them sign me.”
Now, it's not that I love the Wild or anything, but... they have Marty Havlat, and for years and years I've thought that the universe would implode if the two of them ever played on the same team and... they're going to. They just seemed like the only 2 Czech players who weren't best of friends with each other!

(And some of you know how they're linked in... other ways. :P)

Seriously, the timing couldn't be better since I was going to be pretty miserable about this off-season/season otherwise. Or maybe just bitter, heartbroken, betrayed, disgusted, etc. etc. I have a team I can watch without wanting to throw up. (I'm not even exaggerating about this, I woke up this morning and turned on the TV and the press conference with Heatley was on and I saw his face, and him holding up the Sharks jersey with his name and number on it, then my tummy felt funny and I retched. He literally makes me want to throw up.)

Wednesday's game with fightgravity was fun! We went to Palomino before the game and they had a happy hour with half-price appetizers and some $4 drinks. I had an awesome cranberry mojito that I actually finished half of. That's a lot for me! The game itself was kind of depressing until the 9th inning. I totally thought that Renteria was going to repeat his home run against the Rockies to take the lead, just like he did in the previous series, but it was not to be.

We had lots of fun watching other things, though. Like talking about how much the Rockies outfielders hate each other. On every other team, when there's some kind of break in the action (like when everyone gathers to counsel the pitcher), the outfielders run to each other and start chatting. The Rockies outfielders just stare ahead of them, hands on their hips in stony silence. After a particularly long break the right fielder ran over to the center fielder to hang out, but the guy barely acknowledged his presence so he ran away.

Archiving various Havlat and Sykora articles:
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I knew that Petr was injured even though they never said it. You can always tell. And of course everyone loves Petr. He's like a puppy!

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I know Russo said he was 100% sure that the Wild were going to sign Petr, but I don't take anything for granted! I wonder if Petr will take the Petrling fishing. :P

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I like how Petr starts out by declaring that he's a big slut.

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I wonder if Marty will do fun things with his Facebook page, or if it'll just be a place for him to cross-post his tweets. I'm glad that they're both somewhere with a lot of hockey coverage and that their (inevitable) rolling around on the ice together will be well-documented.
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