September 7th, 2009


Being on SVU is like an internship for TV actors

So I'm generally pretty content to wait for stuff. I don't get consumed by cliffhangers on TV and desperately feel like I need to know what happens next. I don't really get anxious on draft day or trade deadline day (although I do find it fun to follow the moves). But I'm getting slightly antsy to find out where Petr's going to be playing next season.

He made it really easy for me a couple of years ago by signing on the first (or second?) day of free agency. The rumours I've found mention the Wild and Sens as possible destinations. I would love love love for him to sign with the Wild, just because he's not really himself unless he's in love with one of his teammates, especially if that teammate is Czech. (Also, vaguely curious as to whether universe will explode, as I've theorized will happen should he ever be on the same team as Havlat.)

The Sens would be cool if he bonds with Spezza, but I fear that he's going to attach himself to... Chris Neil. *shudder*

I already disliked Brad Penny because I thought he was an asshole, but according to Giants announcers, "Timmy snuggled up to Brad Penny five minutes after he walked into Mike Murphy's clubhouse." :( They keep showing video evidence of them together too. Stupid Brad Penny. Good pick up, though.

Had another SVU mini-marathon this weekend. Got very excited about seeing Milo Vent...lia (Peter from Heroes, Jesse from Gilmore Girls) in an episode as a guy who was raped as a kid by his cousin, but blamed his mom's boyfriend. And Ben from Lost as a pedophile who bought a Nigerian boy to use as a sex slave, then had to kill him because his wife cut her 2 month business trip short, then tried to mislead the police by staging it as a human sacrifice! He was pretty creepy.

[Edit: The Brewers celebration at home plate after Prince Fielder hit the walk off homer was AWESOME. They all gathered around, then he jumped on home plate and everyone fell down like dominos, haha. I wonder if they do that for all walk off wins/homers, or just for him.]
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