August 4th, 2009

Barry Zito

I need one of those gadgets from Strange Days

Whenever lots of things are happening in my life, I don't feel like posting. But... those are the things I want to post about! So I'll be able remember them after they leak out of my feeble little brain. :(

I went to the Giants game on Sunday with x_caligirlx3 and her friend. We got free Pablo Sandoval T-shirts, Zito pitched well (and got a single to start a 2-out rally!) and the Giants came from behind to win. Then I hung out with Jenny and her friend Lauren (who had also come to the game) at Paragon then we went off to Tony's Pizza Napoletana for the most amazing pizza ever. *weeps* We had a margherita and a black truffle pizza. Can't wait to go again...

I finally got started on the one hundred push ups thing that flanneryflyer mentioned ages ago. I did 15 for the initial test which puts me in "column 3". This means on Day 1 I should be doing sets of 10, 12, 7, 7 and at least 9 push ups. I'm dubious that I'll be able to do this. 6, 6, 4, 4 and at least 5 sounds way more manageable. :P

I will post about the wedding and Vegas (with some pictures!) and scan in the super sekrit journal (when my roommate lets me use her scanner) umm, soon!
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