July 14th, 2009


Stupid ancient cable box

I was at work from 9.30 AM to 8.30 PM yesterday. *weeps*

I was starving but too sleepy/tired to get food so I popped a couple handfuls of granola and settled into bed to watch the home run derby... only to find that my cable box had been on the fritz and I got 4 hours of an error message on the screen. :( :( :(

So how was it? Pretty good? From the reaction on ESPN this morning I don't think anything Josh Hamliton spectacular happened so I guess I didn't miss too much. Hope the cable box doesn't flake out today.

I think the NL is going to get owned by the AL today. Again.
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OMG, I lost a pint of ice cream in my apartment. Not only do I 1) not have ice cream, I 2) am concerned that I'm going to have to find this by its eventual smell...

[Edit: I PUT IT IN THE FUCKING MICROWAVE. I don't even know what to say.]
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