July 9th, 2009

Brian Boucher

Heath Bell is a fat fuck

In a complete haze right now, haven't gotten a full night's sleep most of the past 2 weeks. *giggles deliriously*

Weekend was good! Went to a Giants game on the 4th with lastcatastrophe and Ellery. It was a day game and a TIMMY start and he was AWESOME. Then we played Rock Band at my place which was sadly devastated by a contact lens solution mishap.

I've been playing Westward III which is like... a simplistic Warcraft 3 with more adventure game elements set in pioneer times. I love the whole pioneer cowboy Wild West thing in general so... it may be partly responsible for my haze. :P

Random sports-related things:
  • Apparently in an interview Tiger Woods said he doesn't like to be called African-American. He said in an interview when he was at Stanford that if forced to choose, he'd say he's Asian because he's mostly Asian. But he lets the world call him black because (my opinion) awesome black golfer = 10X the endorsements of awesome Asian golfer, and hey, making that choice makes him pretty Asian. :P
  • Saw the above on ESPN First Take, which I kinda' like because it's full of fluffy interviews, like the one I saw the next day. They showed all this footage of Heath Bell pitching and I thought, "OMG what a fat fuck." Then the interviewer was like "Congratulations on losing 25 pounds!" and I was all !!! what did he look like before??? Turns out his daughter got a Wii Fit, and the Wii Fit basically called him a fat fuck so he got mad and played it a bunch and lost 25 pounds. ESPN First Take is awesome.
  • When Randy Johnson first saw Lincecum in person he thought he looked like a Jonas Brother. Randy Johnson obviously has daughters.
  • Brian Wilson referred to Zito as "Baron von Zeethausen". *throws up*
  • Boosh aka the man I want to marry wasn't re-signed by San Jose, but he's back in Philly where I think he has a chance to start. :) I knew that he probably wouldn't stay with us too long, which is why I didn't get his jersey (I would have, otherwise!) but I'm happy we had him as long as we did. I think all of my future husbands are no longer in my time zone. :( Unless I've forgotten one. I don't have a very good memory.
  • Someone who was re-signed and whose jersey I do have is Ryane Clowe. :D We have him for another 4 years. I was slightly concerned because there was rumoured interest from other teams, so that was definitely good news.
  • I'm bereft of future husbands right now so I was eyeing Joe Martinez playing the piano on Life of Brian and thinking, hmm he's really sweet... which is RIDICULOUS because I've never even seen him pitch in a game. All I really know about him is that he was hit very hard in the head by a baseball. He might be taking over Randy Johnson's next start so we'll see whether he's future husband material or not.
  • Joolzie linked me to Sharks players photoshopped as animals. I laughed way more than I should have. I love the Vlasiraptor. :D

I haven't gotten really weepy or anything over Boosh because I knew it wasn't a given that he'd be re-signed and no hockey is being played right now so it's not like one day he's here and one day he's gone. But I know one day I'll see some old highlights and or watch some old games or Shark Bytes and see him and think, we had him and it was great, and I'll get weepy. I hope he does well in Philly this time around. :)
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