June 22nd, 2009

Giants starting pitchers

Matt Cain is watching you

So last week while I was in the OC (bitch) Jenny told me that they put this 22 foot tall poster of Matt Cain on the wall of the building next to our office.

So now basically I have a giant (Giant?) poster of Matt Cain STARING DIRECTLY AT ME THROUGH MY WINDOW all day. Actually, he stares at you no matter where you are in the office. Jenny is creeped out.

It's also the best picture taken of him in history. I don't know if they experimented with 12 billion angles and then photoshopped the hell out of it, but he actually looks borderline attractive. I will take a photo tomorrow. :)

Zito pitched a really good game yesterday! He had 8 strikeouts, which is a lot for him, and he had a no hitter going into the 7th inning. But then, as the announcer said, with one pitch he lost the no hitter, the shutout and the lead cos' he gave up a 2 run homer. :P Cue to many disgusted expressions on Zito in the bottom of the 7th, haha. But then someone scored a run for him and he got the win. Perhaps he gave the mark of Cain (i.e. zero run support) back to Matty, who gave up only 1 run on Saturday yet didn't get the win.

Brian Wilson seems to be back to "normal". He's still awfully fond of the three and two count and sometimes goes wild but he's calmed down a lot and gets the outs that he needs.

So I guess I'm a Giants fan now. Or something. I thought the Bay Bridge series was going to be the test and I was rooting for the Giants in all three games. Losing Haren from the A's really broke my heart goddamnit!!! :P

I do love the park, though, and I love San Francisco, and San Francisco loves the Giants. I still have some issues with the team, I guess the wealth and pretentiousness, but you know, SF is kinda' wealthy and pretentious. I watched these boys grow up a little together and that always gets me. *sigh*

Hmm, this was supposed to just be a post about the fact that I now have Matt Cain watching me all day so I think I'll end here. :P
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