April 29th, 2009


Beaten once again, old bean

Well, I went 6 for 8 on my picks with 2 of them coming through in Game 7s, but I would rather have gone 1 for 8 and have the Sharks win their series. :P

Ironically, this has been the easiest elimination I've experienced, despite finishing higher and going out faster than ever (since I started watching in 2002). I think that while I really love almost everyone on the team, I never really liked that they were playing like the Red Wings. Which is not to say that I don't like the Red Wings, but it was just weird to see us... change.

So I didn't really feel... anything, consciously, after the game. Who knows? Perhaps I will start weeping in the dairy aisle. Or sporadically screaming "CARRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!" like Phil from Better Off Ted. I went to play a bunch of Rock Band 2 (vocals, drums, guitar) after the game and then watched 2340208802 episodes of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

Sorry and a big hug to all the Devils fans on my friends list. :(

Onward and upward. It occurred to me last night that the coveted Pens/Caps match up will come to be. I dubbed it the "NHL Bukkake Series". You know, for all the excitement the NHL head honchos and various media will be spraying everywhere. I'm going to be boring and pick the higher seed for every series: Boston, Pittsburgh, Detroit and Vancouver.

I just got an anonymous comment on a random post from months ago: Hi are you dating anyone if so what is her name?


Also, I seem to get almost daily hits on one of my posts that basically just contains embedded clips of 1) Two guys and Rismiller in a bathtub and 2) Taylor Kitsch and David Boreanaz "fighting" at a celebrity hockey game. Why are people reading that post? *scratches head*

Apparently there was some kind of kerfuffle where Brian Wilson twittered (jokingly) that he was out late partying with the classy ladies of Arizona and then he blew a save and people got mad and then he deleted his account? Har har. Although Zito is probably the one who got him to create the account in the first place. :(
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