March 20th, 2009

Jonathan Cheechoo

Beating the Predators never gets old

I was so tired last night I fell asleep while watching the Sharks game (not live) but woke up with 2 minutes left in OT! I already knew before I fell asleep that the game had gone into OT because of how long the game lasted, but didn't know who won. I view getting at least one point as sort of a victory so I wasn't particularly anxious to know the outcome. :P

I'm so happy for Cheech! Shootout goals not real goals, but hopefully it helps him feel better. Along with getting on the top line. I think last night might have been the first Preds game I've watched where Tootoo wasn't a punk. This may or may not be related to him having his face punched in by Staubitz.

Last night's episode of Supernatural was really, really good! The way they portrayed the dead angels with the black wings overlaying the ground approached comic book levels of art. *sigh* The only thing bad about it was Dean crying but that didn't last very long so I didn't even get (too) impatient. :P Ruby/Sam scene ruled although it made me miss blonde!Ruby, who would have been wonderful in it. I'm also desensitized to the show's complete lack of originality now so I was appreciating Castiel's "Trenchcoat Brigade" (The Books of Magic) look and the whole angels whining about God liking loser humans better than them thing (The Prophecy, Murder Mysteries, err pretty much anything about angels :P).

It's such a quality show, though, visually. Really atmospheric, fairly well cast (but please stop forcing poor Jensen to be "dramatic") good sound, pacing, all that good stuff. Hopefully all that talent ends up working on a great show when this series ends.

(Still expecting to have the football pulled away by Lucy any moment.)
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