December 21st, 2008

Brian Boucher


I was talking with Alex the other day at lunch and we were talking about Buffy and this led to him saying that after people graduate from college, some of them get kind of depressed because they start to realise that their dreams aren't going to come true. Then I said, "Not everyone has dreams!" and he laughed at me. :(

And so I turn to my trusty friends list...
Poll #1318916 Dreams

Have you ever had a dream? (E.g. become an astronaut)


The sorta' odd thing is that I was just flipping through free HD channels and there was an evangelist on who said, "God would not have put the dream in your heart if you weren't equipped with what you need." WHAT IF GOD DIDN'T PUT THE DREAM IN MY HEART MOTHERFUCKER???

More importantly, I have a video clip of several Sharks singing "Jingle Bells". And trying to name Santa's reindeer.

  • WARNING: Joe Thornton appears in this wearing nothing but a teal Santa hat. :( :( :( One moment I was enjoying Ehrhoff speaking German and the next I was SCREAMING IN HORROR. Good thing I was alone at home.
  • Boosh sings with a sorta' Russian accent. lastcatastrophe said he's trying to imitate Nabby. *squeaks*
  • Lukowich is a ham.
  • Speaking of hams, why is JR not in this??? :P
  • I am saddened that Kate Longworth successfully coerced McLellan into doing this.
  • Did you know that Pronger is one of Santa's reindeer?
  • Appearing in this clip are: Brad Lukowich, Mike Ricci, Joe Pavelski, Todd McLellan, Jody Shelley, Joe Thornton, Ryane Clowe, Brian Boucher, Marc-Edouard Vlasic, Christian Ehrhoff, Alexei Semenov, Tom Holy's bobblehead, Dan Boyle and Doug Wilson.

I'm glad that YouTube supports H.264 now! Or maybe they have for a while, I only found out while looking up the suggested resolution for widescreen clips (it's 1280x720). It looks noticeably nicer than Xvid/DivX I think.
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Watching football in HD is AMAZING. And I don't know whether I just have a better TV than most restaurants/sports bars, or it's better viewing conditions in my room, but the picture is just so much nicer. The colours are really rich, not washed out at all, and there's no streaking or anything (which could be a problem with sports given all the fast movement).

The picture was so amazing, I barely even noticed that the 49ers were playing terribly against the RAMS. :P

I have to say the St. Louis fans are really classy. They Bruuuuuuuuuced every time Isaac Bruce got a catch, even when he caught a touchdown and they cheered for him because it was his 1000th catch. I know the Rams aren't making the playoffs so it's a meaningless game, but it was still a nice thing for them to do.

And then Shaun Hill somehow pulled 2 touchdowns out of his ass in the last 5 minutes of the game and the Niners won 17-16!!! I respect the guy for telling his coach that he wanted to stay in the game when he was told that he was going to be taken out, and then backing it up. Having the whole team back him up. I still don't believe that he should be our long-term quarterback, but I have respect for and trust in him.

LOL our leading rusher today was the STARTING QB ahahaha. Run, Shaun, run!
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