December 14th, 2008

Marcel Goc

The great Czech conspiracy

Well, that was the most fun Sharks game I've seen in a while!

  1. I didn't like giving up 4 goals, but I really loved that full 2 minute 5-on-3 PK.
  2. I loved two guys trying to hit Douglas Murray and him knocking them both down with one hit.
  3. I loved Goc actually skating hard, protecting the puck, making plays and taking shots. I wish he would play like that all the time.
  4. I loved that goal where Patty goes with speed around the net, passes to Joe who makes a great pass to Devin who makes a great shot. The best parts of that line all in one play.
  5. I loved that Mike Grier redeemed himself (a little) after that EPIC FAIL of an empty netter and failed breakaway by finally getting a goal.
  6. I loved the amazing saves that Nabby made all night. Not so much the Backes goal. Seriously, WTF? :P
  7. I loved the two Czechs (Milan and Kaspar!) conspiring on the faceoff to do something, and then (presumably) pulling off what they planned and Clowe scoring on the rebound.

Unfortunately Pavelski is wounded. :( They didn't replay the hit he got injured on so I don't have an idea of how bad it is. Hopefully Cheech can come back and take his spot. Also feel so much better and safer now that Lukowich is back. :)

Went to the Great Dickens Christmas Fair yesterday with Alex, Tessa, baby, Chip and Jenny and it was really fun!!! Basically they turned part of the Cow Palace into Victorian London, with lots of shows, food, a fencing academy, stores selling corsets, hats, etc, an absinthe bar bathed in green light. It was much better than I expected and it felt like half the people who showed up were dressed up in Victorian clothing and in character.

I ran into lynthia while in line for meat pies! She was working at the photo parlour. We were going to drop by, but everyone had to get going so we didn't. :( Baby had lots of fun, but the absinthe bar person scared her.

Oh, also in case anyone missed it yesterday, there was a Trevor Linden feature *sniffle* on HNIC.

Also, somebody uploaded an English version of the Petr Sykora FIRST HAT TRICK EVAH!!! game which is greatly appreciated by me. I'm sure it would be loads of fun to watch even in Russian, but...
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Devin Setoguchi


The latest Ask the Sharks was about Mr. Vlasic! There were some cute answers about how he cooks now but his meals aren't very good, and then I find THIS:

Were there any pranks played on you during your rookie season? - Rozen Rayrao
No, none. When I came in, they already called me ‘Dominator’ for dominating people around in the locker room. I would joke around and then tell people to do something and then that’s how I got my name ‘Dom’. But there weren’t any pranks.

Firstly, he totally didn't answer the question. Because I'm not sure how domination could even remotely be considered a prank.


In other related news, where baby Sharks find ways to disturb me...

I don't even know what to say. Other than apparently nudity is contagious and someone needs to quarantine Joe Thornton.

[Edit: Speaking of Joe, the local news did a feature on him playing Risk. Seriously. I think I felt some pain when he pumped his fist after winning a game. :( No wonder Jody Shelley is concerned. Hooray for Nabby winning the team ping pong tournament though!]

Muahaha! Someone else has noticed that Rufus Sewell from Eleventh Hour looks like Teemu Selanne.

Teemu Selanne and Rufus Sewell
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