December 12th, 2008



I was out all day yesterday. 7.30 AM flight to LA, 8.30 PM flight back, and then this morning I get an email from joolzie that alerts me to the fact that Petr has done something exciting, so I go to check the scores and when I see 9-2 I'm like OMG HE FINALLY GOT A HAT TRICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And he did!!! :D

... and then screamed and leaped into Crosby's arms. (NEWSPAPER description, not mine.) I'm going to have to download this game, Russian feed and all. *siiiiiiiiiigh* I got all teary, especially after reading his quote about him knowing his dad was watching the game.

(I was just looking for photos of the celebration and there is one of Petr umm... straddling Crosby against the glass and JORDAN STAAL COMING FROM BEHIND.)
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