November 5th, 2008

Devin Setoguchi

Cute is the new gay

I did not vote yesterday. :P

(Because, you know, I can't.)

Instead I worked pretty much all day, which would be okay except that I worked through the weekend too.

Brian Boucher had a Q&A and this is one of the questions:
3. Are Torrey (Mitchell) and (Devin) Setoguchi as "cute" together in real life as they appear to be in his blog? – Dan
I’ve never read the blog to be quite honest with you. But yes, they are awfully adorable in person.

Seeing that this question is from "Dan", it's obvious that "cute" is a euphemism for "gay". :P Ahh I love that Boosh calls them "awfully adorable". Imagine all the bickering he's witnessed!

11. I’ve read you want to revolutionize the goal celebration. How so? - Tom
It’s kind of a joke actually. We did some brainstorming last year at the end of the year on an RV trip to Vegas with the boys. We were thinking hockey doesn’t get much play on ESPN and the national scene in the States - I don’t know how we can grab people’s attention - maybe we can come up with some line celebrations. Maybe we could choreograph some dance moves and stuff like that.
How about when we score, the back up goaltender comes jumping off the bench and does a back spin or something like that on the ice? And everyone circles around banging their sticks on the ice? Maybe I’ll try it tonight.

I knew about the trip to Vegas that the whole team went on after they got eliminated but the fact that it was an RV trip makes it 12 million times better.

I had a dream about tamiflu last night. We were sitting in my bed watching TV (which is entirely possible we might do this weekend!!! :D) and she started talking about... moisturizer? I... don't know. She does have awfully good skin. And lastcatastrophe was about to show up but then I woke up. :(
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Barry Zito

Casa Zito

So Brian Wilson is living with Zito in the off-season, for some bizarre reason. What will they be doing?

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This is one of the times when I really, really, really like Zito! The sad thing is, I'll be annoyed if Brian Wilson gets fucked up and can't close anymore next season. :P
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