October 10th, 2008


Gay, gayer and gayest

Waking up at 6AM for no reason is just not fair. :(

So the C next to Vesa's name on the lineup sheet was a "typo", haha. I feel relief for everyone involved.

They showed some interviews with various Sharks in the pre-game show (OMG we have a pre-game show now! And a post-game! I love you, sideline bitches!) and I was kind of taken aback because Joe Thornton was wearing quite a gay T-shirt. But he's had moments of gayness in his past, so I settled down, but then... PATTY WAS WEARING A SOMEWHAT SIMILAR GAY T-SHIRT too!!!!!! I was very disturbed and wondered who was responsible for all of this... until they showed Drew interviewing McLellan in Saskatoon, and Drew was wearing the GAYEST T-SHIRT of them all, and then I understood.

Cheech was second star of the night. :) My heart kind of melted when Devin inexplicably fell down after his goal, just like Cheech would have done as a baby!!!
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A couple of WTF comments

Tampa Bay Rays president: "nobody in the history of the franchise had done anything to be worthy of (throwing out the ceremonial first pitch)"

Barry Trotz, about the first black player to make Nashville's roster in its history: "Joel Ward made the hockey team on merit"

Merit, as opposed to what? Affirmative action? Curiosity? I guess with the whole Tootoo carnival side show marketing (OMG, he eats raw meat!) they are very excited about having another "different" person around?
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