October 9th, 2008


Too much!

I went to the gym for the first time in ages and I feel amazing. And the Blue Angels were flying over the city all day. Both of these things make me happy. :)

LOL Ron made Vesa captain? Most oblivious captain ever. :D I guess he will have to make an effort to do things like... know what's going on around him now. Go Leafs go! I should have bought a Marian Thrashers T-shirt back then, I don't think I can buy a Marian Wings T-shirt. :( How depressing to see Emrick again. But since I fast forwarded through the game, I didn't have to hear his voice. :D I found it kind of disrespectful that the announcers talked over the Canadian anthem. Is that generally done? Made me feel uncomfortable.

What? "Beat LA" chant in Philly? I thought that was just a NorCal thing. Yay for the Phillies! I have randomly adopted them this post-season because I seem to do that for every sport I watch. I know pretty much nothing about them. Cole Hamels looks like Henrik Zetterberg in some photos and Jared Padalecki in others.

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Man, Dan Boyle really, really likes the phrase "right off the bat".
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