October 4th, 2008


I am just a weepy person

I'd only caught the end of Lincecum's last game so I went back and watched the rest of it and got all weepy. *sigh* Like when Omar Vizquel came off the field to a standing ovation and he waved at everyone cos' it's the last time for him as a Giant. And when they had the ceremony at the end for Peter Magowan who I didn't know until this game, but apparently he's mostly responsible for keeping the Giants in SF. I love the park and I love going to games in the city, but more importantly, the Giants really mean something to the people in SF. I see people wearing Giants caps and jackets all the time. So that made me weepy too.

There must be something about the last day of the season that makes everyone extra gay because instead of just high fives, everybody was cuddling everyone else. There was also a disturbing amount of Timmy/Zito love. I was particularly upset when Timmy looked at Zito, stuck his index fingertip into the corner of his mouth and pulled it out, but as they narrated in the post-game, he just meant he was off the hook after the Giants scored a run to tie the game. Burriss and Frandsen getting to play in the final game made me feel all warm and fuzzy.

(I find Brian Wilson hot and I don't even know why. It scares me.) Also OMG Brian Wilson is moving in with Zito for the off season WTF?!!!!

They showed the winner of the Lincecum look-alike contest and it was bracing because they got a pretty good one who also Collapse )

Enough about the Giants! I've been following the playoffs at work on radio + Gameday + that Hot Corner thingie that shows you 4 camera views without any commentary. I'm not really rooting for anyone, although I kinda' like the Phillies (perhaps flanneryflyer is subconsciously responsible for that). And of course I'm happy if the ex-A's do well. :)

And now, it's time for hockey!!! :D I went searching for the games last night on NBC (fat chance), Center Ice (no luck), Versus (nothing either) and as an afterthought, NHL Network and there it was! The nice thing is that they have the CBC feed, and thus there is a chance of Jim Hughson ♥ and no chance of Doc Emrick. :D :D :D
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Matt Carle

Hockey hockey hockey!

Caught both the Prague and Stockholm games on the NHL Network this morning. I haven't really been looking for it, but where is all the fluff coverage of the hockey boys in Europe? Don't they know that being in a foreign country together makes boys gayer??? And that it should be shown to us? :D

  • Zherdev looks good! I think he could possibly outshine some of the new big name players with the Rangers.
  • Matt Carle looks so much better now. (And is getting a ton of ice time). I bet he, Gomez and Dubinsky hung out together and that Carle was blushing and giggling like a schoolgirl the whole time. Then they went out into the Czech wilderness and shot a moose and skinned it.
  • I like how Al Trautwig called Vinny Prospal a "member" of the Czech Republic. It certainly brings new meaning to the term "country club".
  • I saw Ryan Malone on the ice with a teammate wearing 17 nearby and my mind immediately screamed, "PETR!!!" Then I remembered I was watching the Lightning. I wonder if Malone ever looks at Radim Vrbata and thinks, sadly, but you're not my Czech 17.
  • Lots of good chances for both teams, and the goalies have been good, but I'm still surprised there weren't more goals. Maybe the forwards don't have their hands back yet.
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  • I can't believe that Petr went to Europe, got violently sick, then somehow hurt his groin. :(
  • How do you manage to nail your own player on a PP dump in, thus bouncing the puck back out to spring the other team on a breakaway?
  • Kind of bizarre that Sidney and Marian ran into each other in the Bahamas.
  • Aww, little pig-faced Tyler Kennedy scored in OT.

Alex's baby is noticeably bigger after 2 weeks and she can do more things now, like lift her legs up at a 90 degree angle. She also grabs things and kicks a bunch, and has started putting things in her mouth. Alex assembled a little baby chair with toys attached to it, then we started playing with the toys. We think it's because we were deprived and didn't have toys as babies, so that's why we had fun playing with them. :P
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