September 20th, 2008

Tim Lincecum

"He marches to the beat of his own drum"

My roommate is in LA for the weekend, and this makes me feel like... cleaning the apartment. Yeah, I don't know why. It's not like she gets in the way or anything, I just feel more motivated to clean when she isn't around. :P

So I got the explanation about Timmy's umm, goggles. The announcers actually did mention last time that it was an unrolled baseball, but I thought they were just kidding. I should have known they aren't really creative enough to make jokes of that kind. Watch here.

I'm super excited about getting to hang out with backcheck next week! :D And saskysaves will be here in early December. Good times!
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Tim Lincecum

Lincecum is boy wonder for Giants

Q&A with ... Giants P Tim Lincecum
"I'm not going to get all cocky ... but I like going right at you"

You won’t find the Giants near the top of the N.L. West this season, but righthander Tim Lincecum is at or near the top of just about every leader board when it comes to pitching stats. Lincecum recently spoke with Sporting News Today’s Stan McNeal about his outstanding sophomore effort.

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