September 18th, 2008


Satan fights likes a pussy

I am belatedly amused that Petr's first NHL fight was with Satan. Also, Satan fights like a pussy.

I have lost 3 pounds! Since... umm... whenever it was that I resumed going to the gym and weighed myself in the locker room and was horrified. It was very inspirational for this new workout plan I'm trying from Shape magazine. It's essentially the cardio I was already doing, but with interval training, and 4 ab exercises. In general I prefer lifting weights but those magazines have all kinds of balls and bands and balancy thingies and I'm more of a free weights and machines person.

Doing the ab exercises as some form of resistance training at felt good, though! I will stay on this program for a month, then switch to something with other forms of resistance training.
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Barry Zito

The Mystery of Barry Zito

The Mystery of Barry Zito
Published: September 12, 2008

Barry Zito, a pitcher for the San Francisco Giants, is tall and slim and as handsome as a male model, a pretty-boy actor, which is part of the problem. Even at 30, he looks more boyish than mannish, wide-eyed, with a too-innocent smile for a man his age. It’s an image he himself cultivated when he was in his early 20s: the guitar-playing, cool surfer dude with long hair dyed red or blue who carried a stuffed animal around and slept on aromatherapy pillows. The persona stuck. People still see in him a certain childish frivolousness, regard his innocence as merely arrested adolescence, his talent as an accidental gift.

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