September 11th, 2008

Tim Lincecum

He's like a Greek god

While looking through Facebook photo albums this morning, I was struck again by how common it is for Singaporeans to travel to other countries, vs. Americans who do it very rarely. There are albums full of trips to Bali, Malaysia, Malta, Dubai, Fiji, Germany, Italy, France, Japan, etc. It's not an issue of money, but... priorities, it seems? It seems that Americans would rather spend money on other things, and the various regions of the US are different enough that travelling within the country is enough.

I skimmed the article about Lincecum in the Giants magazine (because it's really too much - emotionally - to read all at once) and there was this bit where someone said that without his clothes on he looks like Brad Pitt from Troy and is built like a Greek god.


After recovering from a mixture of horror and amusement, I went back to check which lecherous teammate made that comment, but it was someone called "Sean" and I didn't know who that was. Then I worried that it might be one of the coaches or someone in management, but after reading earlier parts of the article, I realized that it's his older brother.

Yeah. And if you're part of our little "community", the word in your brain right now is "Lincest".
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Tim Lincecum

Explain, please

Umm, so. What's with the glasses?

(Hee, bracelet!)

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I finally paid full attention to the Saga of Scott McClain. I have to admit, it made me a little weepy, a guy drafted in 1990 finally getting his first major league home run. I totally cracked up when everyone in the dugout intentionally ignored him, though, especially at Timmy who tried to look all serious at McClain, then had to turn away and giggle. :)
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