September 6th, 2008

Patrick Marleau

Win twenty games in the Show and the press’ll call you colorful.

How the fuck did I not notice a 4.0 earthquake last night? *boggles*

I was listening to some football analysts talk about Eli Manning and how last year during pre-season everyone was talking about how he was unemotional and was a sucky leader and this year because he's, you know, won a Superbowl, he's a "quiet leader" and "cool, calm and collected".

People don't seem to get that there's more than one way to win. Like the '08 Red Wings. You don't need a team full of Canadian goons to win the Cup. Not that I have anything against Canadian goons, haha, I loved that '07 Ducks team *crickets* *tumbleweed* but it's not the right solution for everyone.

This is my long-winded and indirect way of saying that I lurve Patty Marleau very much. :D
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