July 20th, 2008

San Francisco

Talking to Strangers

First of all, tamiflu! Those 2 kids with the Indian-Chinese couple in Facebook are not theirs. I should have known because 1) their names are obviously Muslim and 2) they were way too pretty to be Indian-Chinese, haha.

I went to a Giants game on Friday night with Chip, Jenny and our company's newest hire who is Romanian (straight out of Romania!). I thought it might be a fun thing for him to go to because what's more American than baseball? :P It was an entertaining game despite the Giants losing 9-1--lots of facepalm moments, to be sure. Cain didn't have his command, Sabathia was great, the Giants defense was terrible, and none of the Giants could hit.

The Romanian guy was impressed by how fun baseball games are when you're actually there, as opposed to when you're watching on TV, which he found incredibly boring. It helped that we had good seats, field level 37th row between home plate and first base. Plus the food was good and it's just a really beautiful park. :) It wasn't even cold or windy because of where our seats were, and the fog came in so that when night fell and the lights came on, we were just enveloped in this gorgeous misty glow. It was like the park was a bubble inside a cloud.

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Anyway, I'm off to see Lira and we will scale Mission Peak! In line with our whole star-crossed thing, I have a slight cold, but we will not be thwarted again!!!
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