June 26th, 2008


It wasn't even his draft year

Work is settling down enough to the point that I can actually kick back and watch TV at night, which is pretty much all I used to do beforehand. :P I recorded a bunch of the NHL All-Access draft specials from past years because I remember watching one where there were half-naked boys in bed with each other in their hotel rooms. Well, okay maybe they were half-naked and walking around together and others were half-naked in bed by themselves and my mind combined the two. Makes for better entertainment!

Anyway, I recorded them in hopes of catching such wonderful moments. I watched the 2004 one tonight which was cool cos' Ovechkin and Malkin were in that draft and it's great to watch it knowing what they would go on to do. However, approximately half of the episode was a Sidney Crosby wankfest (to borrow the phrase from crankygeek and early_afternoon).


They had interviews with him, his parents, coaches, teammates, clips of him playing when he was a little kid, and for Rimouski, and they even had him interview some of the guys who were getting drafted. I can only imagine what a wankfest the next year's edition was, heh.

The other thing I did was watch the end of Game 6 of the Final that I missed because I was too busy whining and commiserating over video chat. I was wondering if I would get tearful, just getting the chance to sit and absorb and see all the faces and the hugs, and then I realised that I fucking hate Doc Emrick.

Now, I have nothing against his content. Generally he says sensible things, and while I'm unimpressed by his attempts to be funny/witty/whatever he thinks he is, I'm neutral towards them. But he has such a HORRID VOICE. And he has absolutely no idea how to go with the flow of the game and use his voice to enhance the experience instead of screaming when he gets excited and talking sleepily when the boys aren't playing. I got kind of achy wishing I could have heard Jim Hughson call the game and how much better it would have been.

Winning the Cup is a special, special thing and he talked about it in such an ordinary manner. It's almost unforgivable to me. I liked when they interviewed Babcock and just let him talk, though, and I got a little weepy about that but then the interview ended and Emrick started talking again. I can't understand why people love him so much and think he's the "best in the business". He absolutely kills every game I've watched him call.
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