June 21st, 2008


FIC - The Payload

Once upon a time, I knew how to write. I'm trying to learn how to do it again. :P This is umm, original fiction, I guess? It's short and it's gen. *double gasp*

The Payload

He slips his hand into his coat pocket and wraps his hand around it, fingers feeling its contours, knowing that inside it is the payload--the most important thing he will ever have to deliver in his life.

He glances around him as he walks down the street, packed with people bundled in long coats, their breath steaming the air in a strange kind of harmony. He moves easily through the flow, and he marvels at how everyone around him is so absorbed in their own life that they take no notice of him; none of them know what he carries in his pocket: the tiny payload that will change everything.

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