June 8th, 2008


How Luongo dealt with missing the playoffs

So I've been playing Dope Wars on Facebook (BTW if any of you want me to stop spamming you, let me know, haha) and they have these missions you can play, and one of them is..
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Basically you go to East Hastings in Vancouver and buy a bunch of dope, them meet him in the Marina to sell it to him, hahaha.

I just watched the A&E version of Andromeda Strain and wow, it was quite bad. Still a cut above SciFi Channel stuff, and I did like the idea of the origin/purpose of Andromeda, but yeah, I giggled at some deaths. :P I finished watching the last few episodes of Saving Grace (hey, just in time for the new season!) and umm... I love all the dynamics in the show and I find Ham and Butch (yeah, I dunno--it's set in Oklahoma City) super slashy and I would like to bring Ham home with me and give him milk and cookies.
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