May 11th, 2008


Seriously I think of that every time I see Fistric's name

If someone slashed Filppula and Fistric, would the pairing be called Fistula? Sorry, that's one of those words I'm obsessed with, like tracheotomy. And because trauma is meant to be shared, I would like to hear your upsetting pairing names! :D

It always seems that work gets really busy around playoff time, particularly the second round because that's when JavaOne takes place. Doug Wilson said he felt proud and disappointed at the same time about the Sharks, and that accurately describes how I feel too. I'm happy with any of the remaining teams winning the Cup. They all play a good style of hockey, and at my core, I still view hockey teams as electrons on a screen, so that makes me happy.

I'm rooting for the Penguins the rest of the way. They have my favourite player (Marian Hossa), my favourite player in terms of entertainment value (Petr Sykora) and someone who I really enjoy watching as a player (Evgeni Malkin). Plus Ryan Malone has really grown on me, Tyler Kennedy reminds me of Torrey Mitchell, and I quite like Talbot and the defense. And I think Fleury is a good goaltender, which is something that I say pretty sparingly. :P

Now that the Sharks are out, I've noticed that baseball season seems to have started! This year, I will try to find a way to follow baseball without it stealing my entire summer. :P
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