March 24th, 2008


TV stuff

Jericho has been cancelled. *mourns*

But Friday Night Lights is (really close to being) renewed. :D :D :D I've been queueing up episodes for this season to watch all at once, but I thought it was the best show on TV last season. All the episodes are on hulu and you don't have to like or understand football to enjoy.

If you haven't been watching Nip/Tuck, you've missed out on incest, amputee sex, geriatric sex (argh) and amnesia! :P

I got kind of weepy watching the finale of Kyle XY. I love what they've done with Jessi XX. Because they were physically almost adults when they were born, it's kind of interesting to see an... accelerated version? of how two people can become so different because of differences in temperament (genetic factor) and experience (environmental factor). Like what if Kyle's first experience had been being attacked, like Jessi was, or if Jessi had been the one taken in by the Tragers? I've always thought that the best sci fi was the stuff that dealt with humanity and philosophy (like the old school '60s stuff) and Kyle XY is really faithful to that.

Is New Amsterdam worth watching? It's so weird how the immortal cop/PI has become a genre. :P

While browsing through hulu's NHL stuff, I found a player profile of DiPietro and... he and Andy Sutton bought matching purple T-shirts to go bowling together and then Andy Sutton keeps grinning at him and comments on his shoes and... I don't know what to say.
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