March 20th, 2008


The playoffs are coming!

I really hate seeing guys get injured. Sometimes I even question whether I want to keep watching football because it's so brutal that way. (I don't question very hard, but still. :P) So I found last night's game was pretty harrowing. Seeing Kurtis Foster lying on the ice combined with the stuff Drew was saying made me cry a little. And seeing Grier and Devin go down later in the game was... ugh. At least they did come back later.

On a happier note--the Sharks clinch a playoff spot! :D And this article on healthy scratches that makes me smile:
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Dorsal fins on their helmets! Sponsorship stickers! All that work must have paid off, though, Curtis Brown was awesome last night.

Nabby drop-kicking the puck after making the final save on Koivu totally kills me. Have you guys seen that Live Every Shift "One Play" commercial yet? It makes me all weepy (but what doesn't these days).

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abby20, here's the Mike Fisher radio interview (and for you other people who for assorted reasons might be interested in it too):
Part 1
Part 2
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