March 19th, 2008


He is NOT our captain, damn it!

I started using this exfoliating scrub from Body Shop and it makes my skin so soft and smooth! It's so nice that I keep fondling my legs when I go to the bathroom. I'm not even kidding. *shamefaced*

I wish media sources would stop referring to Joe Thornton as the Sharks captain. :( I understand they do it because he's the best player on the team, but it makes me uncomfortable. I don't want him to be captain, regardless of whether Patty is or isn't next season.

Big game tonight! (Yeah, pretty much all of them are big from now on) Team was looking kind of umm... ragged yesterday, so hopefully they'll bring it tonight. And then after this, all the games will be within the division, which makes me feel kind of nauseous. I'm glad that the schedule is going back to more or less what it was three seasons ago. Basically, I agree with Mike Modano! :P
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