March 4th, 2008

Marc-Edouard Vlasic

How many times can you become a man?

During the NFL playoffs, analysts kept talking about how Eli "became a man" on a certain drive. Then they would talk about how he "became a man" in the next game. And they kept using that expression and like, how many times can he become a man? And then I thought, what exactly do they mean by "becoming a man"? Then I became uncomfortable. :(

Anyway, having seen what happened with the NY Giants, I was hoping that the long road trip for the Sharks would have the same kind of effect on them. Perhaps they could all become men together!!! And they did! While there were some umm... defensive problems last night, it was just so satisfying to see pretty much the whole team playing hard and being effective after flailing around most of the season (especially at home).

Cheech has most definitely got it back, Torrey/Riz/Grier are the backbone of the team (although Grier was kind of sucky last night), Marleau/Pavelski/whoever are actually useful, Jody Shelley is a points machine *boggles*, Ehrhoff and Murray have become pretty solid, even Matt Carle is shooting when he should and has stopped passing to Joe Thornton and then running away!!! I'm still cautiously optimistic about Campbell because it's only been 4 games, but I like what I see so far, and hopefully he'll be an inspiration for some of the other defensemen.

I'm kind of sad that Campbell's goal eclipsed Cheech's, because Cheech's was so much better. *cries with pride* I've never seen him score that kind of goal before, and given what he's accomplished without doing that kind of thing, it's kind of scary to think what he'll do if he's got that in his arsenal now.

*squeaks* Vlasic article! I'm excited for him to start developing his offensive skills. :D

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Giants starting pitchers

My right foot and two hands can't go at the same time.

So, thanks to Kevin Frandsen's interview, umm, I mean Barry Zito's interview? Kevin Frandsen interviewing Barry Zito? I now know that the Giants are playing Rock Band and not Guitar Hero. Zito and "Cainer" have a band, and Frandsen is looking to be a lead singer--he had to quit the drums because his right foot and two hands can't go at the same time. :P Zito is the drummer and Cain plays the guitar and their band is called "the Smurfs". Brian Wilson sings... and Frandsen says they're going to do duets. :(

Then Zito says his girl is in town so he hasn't been playing as much recently. His drumming level is 20-25 songs on hard, which is about my level. Unless he means that he can get through those songs only if Cain keeps saving him, in which case I'm better. ;)

Who is Zito's "girl"??? :P Also, hearing "hey Barry, it sounds like you and Matt Cain have a nice thing going" makes me unhappy. :( Hearing Zito call Matt Cain a "stud" makes me unhappier. :( :( Then he called himself immature or something. I don't really know, I was still too upset about "stud".

[Edit: Zito admitted to fraternizing with Street.]
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