January 31st, 2008


Good fic and cheap DVDs

Funny how there was recent discussion about low quality of fic on 2mins4slashing and then bkm5191 mentions wanting friendship fic, and lo, good friendship fic appears in the community. It is Blackhawks gen, so please don't be scared by the mention of Harvey the Hound in the header and start worrying about furries or things like that.

There was a sale on DVD sets and SGA S1 and S2 were only $17 each with free shipping and and and... I caved! Especially having heard from almightychrissy that there are good extras. Buffy, Angel, SG1 and X-Files are also around the same price range for each season if anyone's interested. deepdiscount.com

Still angsting over Rock Band. Collapse )
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