November 29th, 2007

Ryane Clowe

Clowe and Bernier's cars keyed at practice

From a post to hfboards:
Clowe and Bernier's cars keyed at practice

My friend was at practice today with her four year old son and went out back after practice so her son could get some autographs. She told me that Clowe and Bernier's cars were keyed, both doors of each car with four letter words, that it was deep into the doors and fresh so it'd happened today at practice. She said almost as soon as she realized it she left, but that Bernier came out nearly in tears, JR was taking pictures of Clowe's car and that all of the other guys she'd seen were visibly shaken. She also said that their cars weren't parked next to, or even near each other so she thinks those players were deliberately targeted.

[Edit: And more details:
As horrible as it sounds, I hope it was random and these guys weren't targeted. But it doesn't make sense that the person/people that did this would pick two cars on opposite ends of the parking lot if it was random. From the one time I went to practice there are at least 4 or 5 guys with BMW's and about the same with Mercedes. Also it wasn't just a key down the side, it was "F" you on one side and a**hole on the other, seems a little more personal than random.]

Ugh, so awful. I expect this kind of thing to happen in Singapore, not here. Bah!

Had an excellent lunch with my second cousin. We talked about food all over the world half the time, muahaha.
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