November 21st, 2007


Brett Hull, Eric Lindros, Rock Band!!!

Uploaded a couple of videos from the HNIC pre-game:

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For tamiflu and all the Stars and Hully fans. :)

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Ombudsman is really fun to say. Ombudsman! Ombudsman!

I played Rock Band and it was so much fun! :D It's kind of like Guitar Hero combined with Karaoke Revolution and a drum kit. We had a singer, drummer and lead and bass guitar, and rotated. The drums were the most fun just because it was new and really, beating sticks on things is inherently entertaining. I sang Wanted Dead or Alive, which went well and Here it Goes Again, which went not so well as I don't know the song. :P

They have some really nice touches to make you feel like you're in a "real" band. You get to pick a name for your band, and to create your own band members so you can personalize their appearance and name. You get to choose to play at different venues in different cities, and make up your own set lists. If you perform well, you gain fans (and money!), but if you suck out (like we did a few times, getting booed off the stage *hangs head*) then you lose fans. Eventually you pick up a van so you can travel to other cities and perform at more places, which gets upgraded to a real tour bus. You can also register your band with X-Box Live and I'm not sure if there's any head to head competition but there's probably world rankings.

Somebody had already taken our band name. :( WTF, we are the Flying Pigs, damn it.
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