August 28th, 2007


Let's go, Oakland!

So no matter how freaking beautiful the Giants park is, there is just nothing like an Oakland game. That was so much fun, and it's not just the beer talking! Oh man, I totally didn't even plan to have the beer, but you have to understand, this was like, the best Pyramid Hefeweizen I've ever tasted!!!

When motor skills improve tomorrow, I will look at the cell phone pictures I took of me and lastcatastrophe and see if I should post them, haha.

Okay, so Petr Sykora used to date Alicia Rickter, who is an ex-Playmate and used to be on Baywatch, but then they broke up and he was very traumatized or whatever, and from then on, whenever they wrote articles about his love life, even though he had like a totally different girlfriend, they would always post a naked picture of Alicia. I'm not sure if this is the exact same one, but it looks like this. (Umm, naked woman. NSFW.) Like, in the article they posted about Petr getting married, there was a huge gratuitous picture of naked Alicia and like, a tiny one of Petr and his wife, which is so hilariously awesome and inappropriate.

Anyway, the end result of this is that her naked image is now burned into my brain, and see, she married Mike Piazza, who is now with the A's. And whenever Piazza has an at bat, I see her naked. Seriously, the image of her boobs appears in my mind, by Mike Piazza's side.

MOST IMPORTANTLY. Because lastcatastrophe and I showed up 2 hours before the game, we got Mark Ellis bobbleheads!!! Which is ridiculously exciting because he's one of my future husbands. To be my future husband, a guy has to be 1) boring, 2) good-natured and 3) umm, actually boring and good-natured will do. TP + Andy McDonald are my others! I also picked up an A's Magazine because Haren is on the cover. You can see his forearm in the picture and he's like, the hairiest fucker alive. *shrieks*
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