August 24th, 2007


Stupid beautiful convenient park

I scored nice below face value tickets for Sunday's Giants game from Craigslist for me and tersa. Would have been $26 each (before fees and taxes) but ended up paying only $35 for both. Yay! Oh oh, ohemileegee, our tickets are in Section 310 so I will finally be able to say hi if you're going to the game. You'll be there, right? After all Tiiiiiiiimmmmmmy is starting.

I will be in Texas during Sharks training camp. :( I expect LJ updates and pictures! Including about important things like which baby is hooking up with other baby!!!
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If only my mayor would slash cute football players instead

I was traumatized by something I read on my friends list, so of course now I'm going to traumatize the lot of you!

From x_caligirlx3:
"I mean, how many people can say that they take a shower with Barry Bonds?" said Vizquel, who earned a huge round of laughs.

The one-liner was picked up by Mayor Newsom, who led his remarks, thusly: "I'm still trying to get that picture of Omar and Barry out of my mind. You know, in San Francisco that might mean something a little different."

Bonds also didn't let the Vizquel line rest.

"I want to thank my teammates very, very much for being here and supporting me," Bonds said. "That means a lot for a player to have his teammates behind him. You guys' support through this record was unbelievable. And you know, Omar, it was a pleasure taking a shower with you, too."

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