August 21st, 2007

Milan Michalek

Ceske Ceske Ceske!

Milan Milan Milan!!! We have him signed for 6 years/$26 million. :D

I scored really, really sweet tickets to tomorrow night's Giants game (Zito starting) for me and lastcatastrophe!!! :D 7 rows up from the field, right behind the visitors' bullpen. I got 'em off Craigslist at face value from this guy who's a Giants and Raiders fan. I told him I was an A's and Niners fan and we looked uncomfortably at each other for a few seconds, then started explaining our non-SF allegiances. :P

For the second start in a row, Haren is radio-only. WTF?! I want to watch him pat his own ass. :( Fuckers.

[Edit: LOL, didn't know that Haren was the one pitching last year when the A's gave up 8 in the first 2 innings... and ended up winning the game. :P I was listening to that game and was like, WTF?!]
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