August 5th, 2007


Huston Street recognizable anywhere

Meant to post this last night, but kinda' passed out.

Watched The Bourne Ultimatum on Friday night with Alex and Tessa and really enjoyed it! The previous movies both had fantastic action and fighting sequences, and I think this one has the best of them all. They managed to do pretty creative stuff with the car chase scenes, which I'd imagine is kinda' tough since it's been done so much. But I enjoyed the extended hand-to-hand fighting the most. I love Joan Allen.

I had a "OMG I totally recognise this music!" moment during the Beowulf trailer. They used my favourite music from the 28 Days Later soundtrack, the part where Cillian Murphy is taking out all the soldiers in the house. (You can see the Beowulf trailer here. I'm actually pretty keen to watch it because of Neil Gaiman's involvement!) Had a previous moment like that when they used Requiem for a Dream music for the Two Towers trailer.

Went to the A's game yesterday with lastcatastrophe *squish* and we were Collapse )

Uploaded a Huston Street Interview and a Tim Lincecum segment. I love how Huston gets all panicky and nervous when he gets asked about his wedding. I also like the gratuitous Zito footage in the Lincecum thing. He really is everywhere.

At the Giants game in San Diego last night, there were 3 guys covered in orange paint with the numbers 7, 5, 5 painted on their chests, hands together like they were praying, and bowing their heads in harmony. I guess they got what they wanted.
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Giants starting pitchers


Title: Teatro
Author: Mae
Fandom: MLB - Giants
Rating: R, non-graphic sex
Characters: Tim Lincecum, Barry Zito.
Dedication: lastcatastrophe, for her, umm, encouragement. I would have been upset writing this, except that once you've written Derian Hatcher pr0n, pretty much nothing else upsets you ever again.
Disclaimer: It's all lies!
Summary: Tim Lincecum adjusts to life in San Francisco, and other things.
Author's Notes: Teatro is Italian for theatre.

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