July 30th, 2007

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What off-season?

Summer is supposed to be my off-season. There's no hockey, TV's supposed to be in reruns. I'm supposed to hit the gym in my eternal quest to lose weight (that I've never committed to, and thus have not been successful at) and screw around writing hockey fic.

Instead, I find myself watching baseball and this crop of summer television that's actually quite good!

I have my old favourites Rescue Me, The Closer, Monk, The 4400, Eureka, Hex and Kyle XY, but now I also have Painkiller Jane, Burn Notice, A Model Life (eee! Petra Nemcova!) and Side Order of Life (which is on Lifetime for the love of God!)

Of all of those shows, I'd have to say that the ones I really love are Kyle XY and Burn Notice. I'm kind of a sucker for shows about families and community and using sci-fi to make observations on human nature, so that explains Kyle XY. (Okay, so I do see the Kyle/Declan but I really really really see Kyle/Nicole, aka the adoptive mom. I know, I'm the only one who sees it, but that just makes me feel special!)

Burn Notice is pretty awesome. It's about a spy who got blacklisted, and ends up being stuck in Miami trying to figure out who blacklisted him so he can go back to work. In the meantime he takes several odd jobs, private investigator type stuff, and gets to use his skills to handle cases. It's got a great lead actor (Jeffrey Donovan, who used to be on Touching Evil) and a fun supporting cast: Bruce Campbell (from the Evil Dead movies) as a boozy ex-spy and Gabrielle Anwar as a crazy ex-IRA ex-gf.
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San Francisco

It's OK

From crankygeek: Comment with a pairing and I will give you their first and/or last kiss. Hockey, TV shows, past and present Oakland A's (2006-now) are all fair game.

I've been listening to the Pearl Jam cover of Dead Moon's "It's OK" non-stop for like the past 2 days. Apparently they play it live in concert as a continuation of "Daughter" and it's a very simple song, but the lyrics are relevant to me recently, and even though growing up I never had that person who felt that way towards me, now I do, and it's kind of an amazing feeling. :)

[Edit: Okay, I have to spazz, because in this clip, Huston watches Haren toss with Blanton while singing "Best of My Love" - seemingly at Haren! - and Haren just smiles at him and and and *spazzes* Also, I've been doing *ahem* fic research, and every time I read an article about Huston Street I want to throw up. Like I get nauseous, literally. At first I thought it was because that night I had no sleep and hadn't eaten all day, but... no such problem last night and still nauseated. Fucking non-dysfunctional families.]
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