July 16th, 2007


Let's get 30 wins together (baby)

Jason Kendall, wha? :(

*spazzes* Lira! Did you see Street in the dugout babbling to Haren? And Haren was blowing bubbles and not really responding at all and shaking his leg impatiently? *spazzes*

Dan Haren and Noah Lowry talk about their marriage, and how they keep things interesting:

Collapse )

Doesn't "Let's get 30 wins together" sound kind of... romantic? Or that could possibly just be because I mentally append "baby" to it. Also, what exactly did they pull for each other? :P

[Edit: Huston Street on the mound today! And then yapping to uhh... Lenny DiNardo? I think Haren ran away. :P]
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