July 1st, 2007


How many Atlantic teams will he play for?

So... Petr signed with the Penguins! This makes me very happy. :D I realised after a bit that he's going to be reunited with Malkin. That would be cool if they get to be on the same line. :) But you know, as long as he's not played on a fucking checking line again, that's fine. (I feel kind of wrong for feeling excited at the thought that he might play on Crosby's line a bit!)

But wow, really fantastic news. :) I'll be even happier about this tomorrow when I'm done with my current work crunch. (How dare half the company go on vacation at the same time???)

Also! I am kind of a movie score geek it seems. I got all excited yesterday when they played music from 300 during a Barry Bonds home run montage (shush) and also for some sort of montage thingie before today's A's game. Like they've made the score the official soundtrack of the MLB or something. :P
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