June 23rd, 2007


I'll take the hooker, thanks

From zero first round draft picks to two--kinda' nice. The general response to Couture and Petrecki seems to generally be positive, especially to Petrecki, who kind of scares the shit out of me.

I watched their interivews and Couture has a cute cracky voice. crankygeek had many nice things to say about him, so I'm pretty happy. :) Petrecki is... huge, and seems a little obsessed with his "God-given size". And loves Chris Pronger. He also likes scary movies. I think he kind of is a scary movie.

nhl.com had an article about him: Collapse )

His reference to his own "God-given size" when he was interviewed on TSN really distresses me! You just shouldn't say things like that about yourself!

I've been curious at times about what kinds of questions the scouting staff ask, and apparently they ask about hookers.

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I wonder if we'll get him. :) We already have two of his teammates from this season, hehe.
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