May 23rd, 2007


Damn you, Veronica Mars!

Well, I got up this morning, went to check LJ, still a little sleepy, and was confronted with a comment titled "Anna Kournikova tits and ass". It was very bracing.

I really liked that little moment in last night's handshake line when Giguere and Holmstrom smiled and talked for a while and Giguere patted him on his chest after he'd probably been driven crazy by him during the series. I think the last 5 minutes of that game were probably the most thrilling so far in the playoffs for me (unless I've already forgotten some more thrilling moments, which is entirely possible where I'm concerned).

The Veronica Mars finale was... see, the show is mostly likely going to be cancelled, and if it is, then I'm disappointed by the finale. But if it's not cancelled, then I thought it was adequate. I'm big into closure, but beyond that, it ended with a bunch of stuff being in the middle of storylines. Wah. At least Friday Night Lights will be back. :D

Man, WTF is with television making me cry??? I mean, seriously! Jericho, Heroes, Lost, Brothers and Sisters, Gilmore Girls all made me cry and even freaking Stargate Atlantis made me weepy! (Notable exception to that is the scene from Supernatural where Dean is all weepy and delivering this "emotional monologue" and I'm just kind of yawning and wanting him to get on with it because he's just not pulling it off at all.)

My heart melts whenever I think of Sheppard offering to duel Ronon to the death so that he can die in battle.

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