May 9th, 2007


And so the season ends...

I keep trying to write my end of season post, but I spent all day at a convention yesterday and then I was too tired to write anything.

I'm really glad I was at Game 6 (with tattermuffin, yay!) because I got to see them one last time, and we got to cheer them one last time. I think the boys were kind of dazed, but some of them did raise their sticks and I saw Ehrhoff give his away to somebody. I got kind of teary when we were doing that, but in kind of a happy way, because it was sort of remembering/feeling the whole season all at once.

I've actually been pretty happy/optimistic since my 10 episode Veronica Mars marathon on Thursday. :P Only one team out of thirty gets to win the Cup every year, and we had a good shot this year. Like, I know the whole point every season is to win the Cup, but I guess I have more of an "appreciate the journey" approach to the whole thing.

To watch the Sharks completely on in games this season was nothing short of amazing. However, as Kelly Hrudey remarked earlier this season, the Sharks are either the best team in the league or the worst team in the league. Inconsistency was a theme over the course of the season, and I think something that's just part of the territory when you have a very young team. Could they have won the series? Certainly. But that's hockey, and just sports in general. Just because you can beat a team doesn't mean that you will.

I think that ultimately what I'm most mad about this playoffs is that Cheech was taken out in Game 1, and yet again didn't get the chance to play at his full capacity for the second year in a row. Boo.

Anyway, should be a good conference finals and SCF coming up! Despite the presence of Pronger and Selanne, I'm throwing in my support for the Ducks for the rest of the playoffs. I still have a soft spot for the team from 2003, and I still love Giguere the Hissy Fit Thrower, and Andy McDonald the Intrepid Turkey Vaccinator.

Have spent the past couple of days watching grown men run away from me. Being an exhibitor at a convention is an excellent way to pretend that you're fearsome! :D
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