March 4th, 2007

Tom Preissing

Dolph Lundgren!

So during the Sharks/Stars game today, they showed this bleached blonde, tanned, crinkled guy watching the game, and it turned out to be... Dolph Lundgren! You know, Dolph Lundgren, Ivan Drago from Rocky 4, star of Universal Soldier, I Come In Peace (Dark Angel in Singapore), Masters of the Universe and other mindless action movies!!!

I lurved mindless action movies featuring European beefcakes who knew some martial arts when I was a teenager. I would go watch them by myself, even, haha. I think Dolph Lundgren was my favourite of them all. I named one of my stuffed toys (a dolphin, har) after him. He's looking really old these days, most likely because he's old. I found out from his website *chortles* that he's in Dallas filming a new movie *chortles* and he used to play hockey as a kid growing up in Sweden, so, presence explained.

So last night during Coach's Corner, Don Cherry kind of slashed a couple of guys (TP being one!) and I found it incredibly hilarious and laughed for like 5 minutes, which is really about 4 minutes and 55 seconds longer than I should have, but anyway, I uploaded to YouTube last night to show people. Someone linked to it from HFBoards and it's now been viewed over 1400 times and is the #9 top favorite for today in sports (English). The slash has universal appeal!

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greatkate went to the Oilers team autograph day and got Petr's autograph and I was vicariously squeeful about it. :D

greatkate: I put my (Team Canada) jersey down and he puts his hands up like, no, no, so I said, "Everyone else signed it!" (and pointed to Dvorak's signature but I'm sure he didn't notice) and he throws the pen down and shakes his head, so I was like, "Please?" and he laughed and signed it. Then I said thank you and he grinned at me.
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