November 20th, 2006


Holy shit, .500???

Hey, some of you are still Hasek fans, right? I uploaded an interview with him.

So uhh, the Philly game. Well, the Sharks played better than they did on the road trip, rebounding well (insomuch as you can rebound from 3 wins of 4) but still playing fairly average. The score (6-1 after 2) was mostly due to umm, the Flyers doing pylon impressions (sorry Flyers fans).

I watched part of the Michigan/OSU game because it had been so hyped and... I was pretty disappointed. Like I know the quality of play isn't as good as the NFL obviously, but it was so bad. :( And I'm from another country with only 2 universities where sports is practically non-existent, so I don't get college history/pride, etc. :P

Oh, 49ers. 3-game winning streak = madness. 10 games in, they've already reached my optimistic prediction of 5, maybe 6 wins, for this season! Frank Gore and the offensive line are my heroes.

I've been drinking the same cup of chai latte for 4 hours. It's so good. Why do the French make the best food/beverages? Damn them.
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