November 15th, 2006

Martian Love

Marian tries to drown a cute kid in Atlanta

YouTube is still "processing" the video clip I uploaded quite a while ago. Maybe they're going to reject it now that they have that deal with the NHL and stuff. :\

[Edit: Yay, the clip is live! It's interviews with the Norwegian guys in the Oilers/Blue Jackets game. (This is from FSN Ohio, not the one that was on Sportsnet.) Collapse )]

Oh, Marian. :) Scoring leader and goal scoring leader right now. *sighs proudly* And there is spam.

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The fact that Marian cares about how many fans are going to see the games makes me squeak. And he's so happy when they chant his name. :) I've read things that suggest that Marian has been a good example, defensively, for Kovalchuk, but I think that it possibly extends to the rest of the team. The biggest help to their team this season is that they don't have an AHL goalie in goal for them anymore, but defensive responsibility is big, too.

Okay, so this next one makes me happy because I get pictures of Marian in an aquarium. :P

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Pied Piper! In the first picture, it kinda' looks like he's about to dunk the kid into the water, hee!

[Edit: Okay, I wanted to find video clips of Marian in the aquarium and instead found this cached article:

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Player and team are doing fine now. Hossa has even managed to work in some sightseeing.

"My girlfriend and I went to see the Coca-Cola museum and the new aquarium," he said. "But Atlanta is not like a European city. It's not like an old city where you go see an old castle or old buildings."

When told one reason for that is the city was burned down by Sherman in the Civil War, Hossa said: "Really? I didn't know that? You learn something new every day. Very nice."

A few more months and he'll know the faces on Stone Mountain. And maybe somebody will recognize his face.

I like how his response to being told that the city was burned down is "very nice".]
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