November 12th, 2006

Marc-Edouard Vlasic

Ze baby Sharks!

It's weird, but I appreciate the 2-1 win over the Coyotes more than the 7-3 win over LA where Patty scored a hat trick. :P I feel like in the LA game, LA blew it by being really bad defensively, allowing a 3-on-1 because the forwards were pointlessly aggressive, and just standing around looking for the puck in the defensive zone instead of covering the man. All of Patty's goals came while he was unmolested.

But the Yotes. *shakes fist* We lost to them so much last season. Stupid CuJo had a 32-7-1 record against us before yesterday's game. The game wasn't on TV, but apparently the boys didn't play too well, yet squeezed out a win, which is important cos' you can't let a team win after they cross check your goalie in the neck! :P

Oh, Marc-Edouard, my little Aries bunny brother.

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I wonder if random people ever frown upon him when he goes to the rink in his shorts and sandals. "Shouldn't you be in school, young man???" His mommy visited and did his laundry!

I love the comments from his midget triple-A coach. It's everything I love about him, that he is in such good position almost all the time, and when he gets the puck, he always seems to be able to make the right decision to get rid of it without a turnover when he's being pressured, or making a good pass to start a rush. I haven't even really seen him being muscled off pucks, which is what I expected might happen in size mismatches, but he probably uses smarts to compensate.

With Matt Carle and Christian Ehrhoff, it's sort of unnecessary for Vlasic to step in as offensive defenseman, but he has good instincts where that is concerned too, knowing how to put himself in good position to receive a pass and subsequently make a shot or shot-pass.

I've been checking in on the baby Sharks every now and then to see how they're doing because I saw them at the rookie tournament and actually care now. :P I wanted to read more than just the game recaps on their site, so I went to look for Worcester newspapers and... the coverage is pretty good! It's really nice that the team is now in a city where hockey is appreciated and loved. Mathieu Darche is the AHL goal scoring leader with 13, but what I really love about that is Joe Pavelski (AHL rookie of the month for October!) assisted on 11 of those goals.

We picked him in the 7th round! I still don't know if he'll do good in the NHL because there are some people who just tear it up in the AHL but then can't really make it in the NHL. I liked this article about him. :)

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Whoa, they might be the AHL version of Joe and Cheech? Craziness. From now on, we should try to collect every center called "Joe" in the league.

tersa! There's an article all about Warren Strelow. It made me a tiny bit weepy.

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I think Strelow should threaten to run the goalies over with his scooter if they don't listen.

From sunshine to ice time:
He goes home to Los Angeles every summer and skates in a fun league with players like Cuba Gooding Jr., the actor. “Great guy,” Stafford said, “but he’s, umm, a terrible player.”

Taaaaaaaaaaaaammy!!! *cries* Legion of the Doomed.
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49ers squeeing

Oh jeez, I can't believe I'm this proud of a football team (and the 49ers, no less). Two consecutive wins. 4-5 for the season. They won 4 games all of last season. Norv Turner is a genius. The offense actually does something more than go three and out every possession now. The punter doesn't make 10 trips to the field every game anymore.

The defense is forcing fumbles, getting sacks, getting interceptions. Frank Gore, Brandon Moore, and Alex Smith are awesome. Mike Nolan is awesome for throwing a challenge flag that he knew he'd lose just to buy some time to settle the defense down, forcing the Lions to lose 3 yards on 3 plays and then finishing off with the interception.

We probably get Vernon Davis back next week, and I think he's going to be amazing. Oh man, they could actually reach my optimistic prediction of 5, maybe 6 wins this season!!!
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